Drumming or playing samples live, Loco Sosa is one of the most sought-after musicians of the São Paulo music scene. In addition to being a founding member of the band Los Pirata, he also played with artists such as Agridoce, Curumin, Meno Del Picchia, Pélico, Arnaldo Antunes, Lu Horta, among others. He studied drums with Lilian Carmona at the Free University of Music (São Paulo, SP) and also at UNICAMP Arts Institute (Campinas,SP) during the years he attended college (1991-1994). It is also a music producer and sound engineer graduated from the Oxford School of Audio – England.


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Loco Sosa by José de Holanda
Loco Sosa by José de Holanda

Work Work Work Work Work…

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Lu Horta


Slag Brothers

Los Pirata

Chico Salem

Techra Carbon Drumsticks


Loco Sosa is Techra exclusive artist

Loco Sosa’s Noise Factory

Creamy noises to please you… or not…

Music Production Facility in San Pablo, Brazil, mixes, drums and percussion for your music.

Loco Sosa plays the drums and push the buttons.

Loco Sosa



Zulmira approves the mixes.







Loco Sosa’s YouTube Channel

Recording and playing along…cycling sometimes…

Lu Horta’s YouTube Channel

Lu Horta’s music videos

Los Pirata’s Youtube Channel 

Two Idiots. One resurrected.

 Atønito’s  Youtube Channel

Instrumental shit

Slag Brothers’ Youtube Channel

shit instrumental